RIVUS NSW October 2016

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Fishes of Sahul Vol 30 No 3

Main features in this issue:

Empire Gudgeon: one more breeding attempt
Bernd Thierbach

Black-banded Rainbowfish (Melanotaenia nigrans) in the Queensland Wet Tropics – a failed translocation?
Keith Martin

First successful rearing of Hypseleotris compressa larvae in aquaria
Robert Wager

Update on saving Running River Rainbowfish
Peter Unmack

Fish in Focus: Empire Gudgeon Hypseleotris compressa
Peter Unmack et al.


VICNEWS 122 September 2016

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Field Trip Files: Tiverton, western Victoria
Should we release the deadly carp virus into our waterways?
One ‘flow’ does not ‘fit’ all fish
Extinction looms for 4 Australian fish
Rabbits of the river
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RIVUS NSW June 2016

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Volume 30(2) 2016 (June)

Graf, J. and Lange, G. 2016. Discovering Melanotaenia bowmani and Melanotaenia grunwaldi. Fishes of Sahul 30(2), 980–988.

Hansen, B. and Constable, R. 2016. Blue-eye diversity in Australia, including new distribution locality records with a focus on Torres Strait Islands. Fishes of Sahul 30(2), 989–996.

Romanowski, N. 2016. Giant water beetles and water tigers: serious predators on a small scale. Fishes of Sahul 30(2), 997–1001.

Tappin, A., Briggs, G., Wilson, D., and Scharpf, C. 2016. Fish in foscus: blackmast Craterocephalus stramineus (Atherinidae). Fishes of Sahul 30(2), 1002–1008.



VICNEWS 121 July 2016

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Editors Note and President's Report
Field Trip Files: Sweetwater Creek
Field Trip Files: Tanti Creek
Field Trip Files: Dunns Creek
Field Trip Files: Chinamans Creek
Microplastics killing fish
Crayfish and their Temnocephalans
Proposed September field trip
Murray Cod making a comeback

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