Fishes of Sahul


Fishes of Sahul Vol 30 No 1

Main features in this issue:

Fish species sold in the Kikori market, Papua New Guinea, with special reference to the Nurseryfish Kurtus gulliveri(Perciformes:Kurtidae). Carla C. Eisemberg & Tim M. Berra

Red Neon Blue-eye Pseudomugil luminatus. Gerald R. Allen, Peter J. Unmack & Renny K. Hadiaty

A review of the distribution and status of “Burdekin Rainbowfish” populations in north Queensland. Keith C. Martin & Susan Barclay

Fish in focus: Coal Grunter Hephaestus carbo. Glenn Briggs et al.

Fishes of Sahul Vol 30 No 2


Main features in this issue:

Discovering Melanotaenia bowmani and Melanotaenia grunwaldi
by Johannes Graf & Gary Lange

Blue-eye diversity in Australia, including new distribution locality records with a focus on the Torres Strait Islands
by Bruce Hansen & Russell Constable

Giant water beetles and water tigers: serious predators on a small scale
by Nick Romanowski

Fish in Focus: Blackmast Craterocephalus stramineus

Fishes of Sahul Vol 30 No 3

Main features in this issue:

Empire Gudgeon: one more breeding attempt
Bernd Thierbach

Black-banded Rainbowfish (Melanotaenia nigrans) in the Queensland Wet Tropics – a failed translocation?
Keith Martin

First successful rearing of Hypseleotris compressa larvae in aquaria
Robert Wager

Update on saving Running River Rainbowfish
Peter Unmack

Fish in Focus: Empire Gudgeon Hypseleotris compressa
Peter Unmack et al.


Fishes of Sahul Vol 30 No 4

Features in this issue:


Malanda Gold: the tale of a unique rainbowfish from the Atherton Tablelands, now on the verge of extinction

Peter J. Unmack, Keith C. Martin, Michael P. Hammer, Brendan Ebner, Karl Moy & Culum Brown


Reticulated Freshwater Pipefish (Hippichthys heptogonus) and others

Nick Romanowski


Fish in Focus: Snakehead Gudgeon Giuris margaritacea

Gary Moores et al.


Fishes of Sahul Vol 15 / 3

NEW SPECIES OF RAINBOWFISH (Glossolepis: Melanotaeniidae) FROM IRIAN JAYA – Gerald R. Allen
LAKE WANAM FASCIATA Chilatherina fasciata wanamensis,A SUBSPECIES IN TROUBLE – Barry Crockford 757
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Fishes of Sahul Submission Guidelines

ANGFA encourages its members to sample and survey the aquatic environment; to document their findings for publication in its journal, Fishes of Sahul; to breed and maintain native fishes and to publish information on their requirements.

Fishes of Sahul was first published in July 1983 and had, by the end of 2014, achieved over 1800 pages of high quality articles and photographs. Articles from this journal are often quoted as references in books and papers on fishes of the region.

It has been a significant cost-free source of knowledge accessible to all people with an interest in the area, including hobbyists, the scientific community and fisheries departments of the region.