Fishes of Sahul 2019 Hardcopy

Volume 33 1-4. High quality hardcopy A4 edition


We are proud to announce that the hardcopy Fishes of Sahul for 2019 is available to order for only $50 AUD! This is a fantastic and unique publication to add to your collection. Order now!

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Fishes of Sahul Volume 33 Numbers 1 to 4 is a single A4 size hardcopy edition. The four editions published digitally in 2019 contained many wonderful articles accompanied by a lot of fantastic photographs. See below for the complete list of articles. Now you can have a copy for your collection, your library, as a gift, or just to enjoy at your leisure. Don't forget it includes the Rhads Special Issue! Order and pay securely with your credit card using the button below.


Fishes of Sahul 2019 Hardcopy

 The articles in Volume 33 are:


Volume 33(4) 2019 (December)

Hammer, M. 2019. One becomes three: research behind the naming of two new dwarf rainbowfishes in the Melanotaenia maccullochi species complex. Fishes of Sahul 33(4), 1492–1500.

Amick, P.K. 2019. The Himalayan Snow Trout (Schizothorax richardsonii) is doing the unintended in Papua New Guinean rivers. Fishes of Sahul 33(4), 1501–1508.

Shoesmith, D, Romanowksi, N., Briggs, G., Unmack, P.J. & Scharpf, C. 2019. Fish in focus: Spotted Galaxias Galaxias truttaceus (Galaxiidae). Fishes of Sahul 33(4), 1509–1518.


Volume 33(3) 2019 (September)

Lenegan, J. 2019. Cairns to Weipa and back, through a new lens: the Gobioides. Part 1. Fishes of Sahul 33(3), 1447–1483.

Tappin, A.R. Briggs, G., Stanton, M., Unmack, P.J. & Scharpf, C. 2019. Fish in focus: Pygmy Rainbowfish Melanotaenia pygmaea (Melanotaeniidae). Fishes of Sahul 33(3), 1484–1490.


Volume 33(2) 2019 (June)

Martin, K. & Barclay, S. 2019. McCulloch’s Rainbowfish Melanotaenia maccullochi (Melanotaeniidae) in the Queensland Wet Tropics. Fishes of Sahul 33(2), 1404–1416.

Scharpf, C. 2019. Fishes of Sahul: an etymological survey (part 2). Fishes of Sahul 33(2), 1417–1439.

Lamin, C., Unmack, P.J. & Scharpf, C. 2019. Fish in foscus: Western Pygmy Perch Nannoperca vittata (Percichthyidae). Fishes of Sahul 33(2), 1440–1446.


Volume 33(1) 2019 (March)

Tappin, A.R. & O’Reilly 2019. Radical Rhads, the amazing Ornate Rainbowfish!. Fishes of Sahul 33(1), 1362–1402.