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Help for main ANGFA Website

Post by rainbowsmurf » Wed Feb 19, 2014 4:06 pm

Hi I am having trouble logging into the main ANGFA website to view the Bribie Island field trip details. My Login works here, but not here ... ield-trip/

any ideas ?


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Post by Speedy » Wed Feb 19, 2014 4:18 pm

Here are the details from the website. I know there have been issues with ANGFA QLD log ins.

Date: Sunday 23 February 2014

Meeting Location: Pull-off / parking area to the left side of the road, just before you cross over the bridge. Not far past the marina.

Departure Time: 9.15am. This is the time we will leave the meeting point.

Program: 0930 – 1130: Tour the Jungle Perch breeding facility.

1130 – 1230: Lunch at Blue Anchorage Café Restaurant and Bar, 2 Toorbul St., Bongaree

1230 – 3.30: Fish freshwater locations on Bribie Island. Our target species include:

* Rhadinocentrus ornatus (Ornate Rainbowfish),

* M. duboulayi (Crimson Spotted Rainbowfish),

* Pseudomugil signifer (Pacific Blue-eye),

* Plus the usual range of gudgeons and invertebrates.

Bring: Wading boots, dip nets, folding bait traps, bait or burley for the traps, buckets (with lids), a field tank for photography, an esky or styrofoam box to hold the fish in, plastic bags for the fish, rubber bands, non- iodised salt (cooking salt, rock salt, etc), drinking water, sunscreen and insect repellent (expect sand flies), fish and plant identification books, and water test kits if you have them (hardness, total hardness, pH, dissolved oxygen, salinity, etc).

Remember: We are a conservation society and will be treating the waterways and surrounding environment with respect.

An important part of each field trip is to survey and record the water conditions and what we find, and assistance with this will be greatly appreciated.

Take only as much as you need to display or breed.

Size and bag limits and equipment regulations apply when fishing in fresh water in QLD. You can find the QLD bag and size limits here: You can find the QLD fishing equipment regulations here: .

It is illegal to sell wild caught fish from Queensland without a permit.

Any protected species such as Honey blue-eyes and Oxleyan pygmy perch cannot be retained, and are to be returned to the water as quickly as possible.

Nomination: To nominate for the field trip please contact the Field Trip Coordinator - Leo O’Reilly, Mob: 0438 733 789, Email:

Note: This program is tentative only and may change due to weather

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