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Getting Full access to this Forum

Post by angfa » Thu Feb 08, 2007 10:39 pm

These discussion forums have been setup for the use of ANGFA members. You do not have to be an ANGFA member to view posts, but will need to be to view special area posts, and to post messages

Unregistered Visitors:
Unregistered visitors can get an idea of what we're about from forum titles, but can not view posts except within this foum, "Announcements & Help".
To be able to view all posts, you will need to Register.
To register for access to the forums, click on the [Register] button.

Registered Non-ANGFA Members
Click here to become a registered user, or click [Register] above.
When completeing your profile, entry of a recognisable full name will assist the moderators in establishing if you are an ANGFA member.
Registered Non-ANGFA users can view all posts, except those in special area, and send personal messages (pm).
Registered Non-ANGFA users can not post messages to the forum.
To become a Registered ANGFA Member you will need to follow the directions below:

Registered ANGFA Members
To have full access to these forums, and to post new topics you will need to be a financial member of ANGFA or one of the affiliated state groups.
To find out more on joining ANGFA, or affiliated state groups, please click here.
If you are an ANGFA member you can gain full access by clicking on this link "ANGFA Member". Alternatively you can click on the "Usergroups" button at the top of the screen. You can then "View Information" for the group.
A screen showing the group members appears & you now click on "Join Group".
An email will be sent to moderators who will authenticate your login. You will receive an email notifying you when all is complete.
In order to facilitate getting approved as an "ANGFA Member" could you please enter your full name & general location.

Any member that is found with a web site link anywhere in their signature or profile that leads to spyware, viruses, pawn, gambling, drug sales or other innapropriate site as deemed by the Admin committee will be automatically deleted and barred from this forum.

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Post by abellm » Fri Oct 16, 2009 11:06 pm

Just a reminder...

If you are an ANGFA member and are wanting to join the "ANGFA Members" usergroup (so that you can post), please enter (in your Profile) your Full name & Location (at least what state / country you are based in, so that we can more rapidly confirm you membership.
It is often very difficult to work out who you are & to confirm membership status from some of the more creative user names. You do not have to leave your full name publicly viewable.

If you are still having a problem, then an email or PM to one of the moderators should help out.

If I spot new users on the forum who I know are members, then I'll add you in, but if you cannot post (& are a member) don't hesitate to ask to be included.

Have fun...

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