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Post by Leo » Thu Jun 19, 2008 11:43 pm

For new or prospective members:

Welcome to the ANGFA Forum. Joining is free and this will enable you to read the posts.

Anyone can read the forum (and look at the ANGFA database), but only ANGFA members can post messages on the forum or view the high definition images on the database.
Are you a member of an ANGFA club? If so, please advise which one(s) when you sign up.

If you are an ANGFA member, an administrator will enable your posting privileges once they confirm your membership with the relevant state or national membership officer.
Being an ANGFA member will also entitle you to access the members-only pages, and to access the high definition images in the ANGFA database.

If you wish to join ANGFA, the membership details are contained on each of the individual state and national webpages. The ANGFA National webpage can be accessed at:

The state branch WebPages can be accessed from the national webpage. The cost of joining ANGFA varies:

ANGFA National at $40 pa, but for that you receive the marvellous 'Fishes of Sahul' journal which is well worth the cost.
ANGFA QLD at $30 pa and for that you receive the 'In-Stream' magazine which you can receive in black and white hard copy or download in colour on-line.
NSW and VIC are $15 pa and have smaller magazines in black and white.

Of course being a member of any of those clubs entitles you to post on the forum, access the high definition images on the database, attend meetings, sell at club auctions, attend field trips (ANGFA members are covered by club insurance), gain discounts at some aquarium shops, and every second year, gain access to the ANGFA National Convention.

Please see the state or national webpages for full membership details, or contact one of the administrators if you have a question that is not answered on the webpages.

Of course if you wish to only view the forum and not post messages, you are not obliged to join ANGFA.

When you sign up to the fourum, please add your location to your details. It makes it a lot easier for us to see who is in our local area and to offer help.



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