The Australia and New Guinea Fishes Association (ANGFA Inc.) is a not-for-profit incorporated body that was conceived in Australia in 1982 by a group of hobbyists, scientists and conservationists from around the world dedicated to freshwater fishes, plants and other aquatic life native to Australia and New Guinea.  We boast a membership from many countries of the world. 

Much of what ANGFA is would not be possible without key supporters who have devoted themselves to the hobby and the Association.

The ANGFA life members are:

Neil Armstrong

Glenn Briggs

Ron Bowman (deceased)

Barry Crockford (deceased)

Derek & Lorraine Girkin

Dr Bruce Hansen

Gunther Schmida (deceased)

Ken Shaw (deceased)

Ken Smales

Adrian Tappin

Tony Tucceri

Andy Wattam

Dave Wilson


ANGFA also recognises our two Patrons for their gracious support since our earliest days - Dr Gerald Allen and Rick Datodi.