ANGFA encourages its members to sample and survey the aquatic environment; to document their findings for publication in its journal, Fishes of Sahul; to breed and maintain native fishes and to publish information on their requirements.

Fishes of Sahul was first published in July 1983 and had, by the end of 2019, achieved over 1500 pages of high quality articles and photographs. Articles from this journal are often quoted as references in books and papers on fishes of the region.

It has been a significant cost-free source of knowledge accessible to all people with an interest in the area, including hobbyists, the scientific community and fisheries departments of the region.

Fishes of Sahul is published four times a year in digital format and as a high quality glossy hard copy A-4 size journal once a year. The pdf version is supplied to all ANGFA members around the world, hard copies are available for separate purchase.

The purpose of the Journal is to record the condition, requirements and geographical occurrence of the fauna and flora species in the aquatic environments of Australia and New Guinea. Scientists and fisheries authorities working on the conservation and documentation of the aquatic fauna and flora of the region quote references from its pages.

The Journal is viewed by its readership as a valuable reference source for many years after first publication.

Prospective authors are invited to submit original articles on the fauna and flora of the aquatic environments of Australia and New Guinea. As a guide, such articles may take the form of:

  1. an account of the author’s personal experiences and observations with flora and fauna of the region
  2. a description, or the result of, any surveys, observations and records taken of rivers, creeks, lakes, wetlands and springs of the region
  3. any issues on taxonomy
  4. the author's observations of the behaviour of fishes in aquaria or captive conditions and/or their breeding requirements are also welcome
  5. also welcome are accounts of the growth requirements of aquatic flora, both marginal and submerse
  6. any items of special interest, perhaps covering a theme or topic such as the effect on native species of the introduction (or elimination) of aquatic pests or noxious species.

International aquarists are also invited and encouraged to record and share their own unique experiences with the fishes of the Sahul region.

Everyone is encouraged to consider creating and submitting an article for Fishes of Sahul. Experience as an author is not essential, though we believe enthusiasm and originality is a pre-requisite. ANGFA has talented editors who can assist in shaping the contents of any prospective article, they can help with wording, spelling and whatever is necessary to ensure any article submitted adheres to the same quality standard that Fishes of Sahul has maintained for over 30 years.

Contributors are encouraged to include original photographs and artwork to illustrate their articles where possible. Though this is not mandatory as ANGFA photographers have extensive libraries, with special permission these photographs may be made available to supplement any supplied photographs.

Intending authors should take into account the diversity of readers of Fishes of Sahul, ranging from fisheries field workers, scientists, aquarists and hobbyists, libraries and schools, and people with an enduring interest in the conservation of the aquatic environment. Technical content should not dominate the article, we prefer articles that emphasise their readability and appeal to the interests of a wide range of readers.

Articles may be supplied electronically (Word or simple unformatted text only) via email, and large images by USB stick, or via download link through Dropbox o(or similar) and sent to:

The Publications team - Fishes of Sahul

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.