Diana Walstad (February 2010)

Setting up a planted fish tank is littered with pitfalls. Newly purchased plants have to adapt to a new substrate, lighting source, and water
conditions. They may have to adapt to the submerged condition and grow new leaves. Chances are some plant species will not survive. Algae may become a problem. Fish add another layer of complication. Sometimes newly purchased fish become diseased, and hobbyists add chemicals that injure the ecosystem.

Small bowls for shrimp are much less prone to problems—and frustration. In this article, I describe two ways to set up small planted tanks for pet shrimp. The Bowl Setup is quick and easy. The Dry Start Method is more complicated and less tested, but it has some major advantages over the usual (submerged) start-up. 

Please refer to attachment for full article.  Permission by Diana Walstad