Gunther became an ANGFA Life Member in 2016. Most nature lovers in Australia will have seen Gunther's name mentioned in many printed publications or on the internet over the years, either as photographer of 'cold-blooded' critters, or as author of articles about these subjects. His images can be found in about 500 publications and he had almost 150 articles published globally, as well as three books, another as co-author. Some may have seen his many talks at club meetings or conventions.

His two main interests are Australian freshwater fishes and Australian monitor lizards - here better known as goannas. It is more than 60 yearssince he kept his first rainbowfish, Melanotenia maccullochi, of unknown F generation and quite ordinary looking, and also saw his first monitors in a zoo display (Asian water monitors).

The latter, and the fact that he had never liked the climate in his native Germany, made him migrate here more than 50 years ago. He has loved every minute of it and travelled the country widely . He collected his first rainbows (M. s. splendida) in Raglan Creek, halfway between Gladstone and Rockhampton in Qld within weeks of arrival, but had to wait a year to the day before seeing his first wild goanna.

Many years ago he tokk up fish keeping in a big way and also decided to do something about photographing every native freshwater fish species in a way it deserves to be recorded ......... and has almost succeeded (largely thanks to other like-minded people).

He joined Angfa Qld when moving to the Gold Coast more than 30 years ago. In recent years he has been working on a series of 26 e-books about his favourite subjects, with half of these now available on the internet (to view just google Gunther Schmida). With fish photography being his obsession, he is still madly doing it, although he has cut down the number of holding tanks somewhat.