Aquatic Plants


Plants have been popular in aquaria for a while, they can add greatly to the aesthetic appeal of aquaria & stop fish tanks from just looking like a “cube of water”.   Some of the more extensively planted aquaria are quite beautiful in their own right & they can represent a entire ecosystems in miniature.  These carefully designed & crafted planted aquariums are often referred to as aquascapes. 

The growing of lushly planted aquascapes has become more accessible in recent years, due to much of the required hardware becoming cheaper and more widely available.  The requirements for growing plants in aquarium conditions is also much better understood.  High quality lighting, aquatic plant fertilisation (including CO2), engineered plant substrates and suitable filtration are all readily available.  This equipment is also much more affordable than it was a few years ago.  This all makes it possible for most aquarists to easily produce very attractive underwater gardens.

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